‘Sopranos’ Prequel Delayed Until Fall 2021. Will Adult-Tony Make An Apperance?

by Tim K

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – Sorry Sopranos fans, but we’ve got some unpleasant news. According to The New York Post, Warner Bros. is moving the release of ‘The Many Saints of Newark,’ the prequel film to ‘The Sopranos,’ from March 12 to September 25.

Ugh. Now we definitely won’t know whether this movie will flash-forward to Tony Soprano getting shot in the head and killed in The Sopranos finale. Luckily, it happened in the series, so we’ll have to just rewatch that clip for now.

Just perfect. SMH.

Watch Tony Soprano Get Shot To Death Below:

The latest postponement comes at the hands of growing Covid-19 concerns. Now, the movie is slated for release almost a year after it was originally promised.

Billed as the origin story of the iconic HBO mob series, which followed mobster Tony Soprano until he was finally murdered by the Man in the Members Only Jacket in the series finale, The Many Saints of Newark takes place in 1960s New Jersey.

Young Tony Soprano will be portrayed by Michael Gandolfini. The lead actor is a spitting image of the late James Gandolfini, who played the adult-version of Tony in the original series. And guess what? They ARE related (father and son).

The Famous ‘Sopranos’ Question Remains…

But the question every Sopranos fan has been asking for months still remains. Will modern-day Tony Soprano appear in this film in any capacity? Could they pull something like that off even though Tony was shot to death while eating at a diner with his family, a tragic but perfectly-executed event that concluded the show’s epic saga?

Unfortunately, we’ll now have to wait until September to find out.

In conclusion, here’s to hoping that these next few months fly by, and that we WILL get to see the adult Tony Soprano we last saw being murdered in cold blood in front of Carmella and the kids and everyone!