Star Wars Fans Need To Appreciate Darth Maul For How Scary He Is

by TheDuder95

Star Wars fans can all agree that the series has some pretty incredible villains. From Darth Vader to Emperor Snoke, there’s no shortage of evil motherfuckers in the legendary franchise. One villain who doesn’t get enough love, though, is Darth Maul.

It’s time we start appreciating this wild motherfucker for just how scary he is. Check out this highlight reel from YouTube featuring some of his most incredible moments.

This Star Wars villain is certainly nightmare worthy.

Not only does Darth Maul look freaky as hell, but he’s also got an incredibly badass double light saber. Even though he was the villain in arguable the worst Star Wars film adaptations to date, Darth Maul is still legendary. They should definitely bring this guy back for his own origin story.

We bow down to Darth Maul. That dude is scary as hell.