Sugar Ray Flipping Out On This Teen Remains A Classic Internet Video

by Mad Dog

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — If you ever wondered what would happen if you accused the lead singer of Sugar Ray a homosexual, we have a definitive answer. Mark McGrath, the lead singer of Sugar Ray, would hate it if you accused him of being a homosexual. Just take a watch of this video below.

Yep, you are not gonna want to do that.

“Who said Sugar Gay? I’ll beat your fuckin’ ass. Who said that? I’ll choke your fuckin’ face.”

Sugar Ray

Sugar, baby, come on. What are you even thinking talking like that?!

As you can see from the video, Mark does not like being called “Sugar Gay.” On the contrary, it seems like he really despises the moniker.

Gotta say, it’s pretty messed up that Mark is homophobic. We at Men’s Humor do not stand by for any form of intolerance, especially to our brethren in the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s a real bummer because we love some of the old classic Sugar Ray songs. Including, but not limited to:

Every Morning!

This song absolutely slaps, and now it slaps a little bit less because of Mark’s homophobia.

Same goes for the all-time classic:


Fuck! This song is so good. It hurts our ears knowing that we can’t listen to this anymore. Ah, man. At least we still have Smash Mouth!