The Sopranos Is Filled With Hilarious Moments Like This One

by TheDuder95

While The Sopranos is one of the best television dramas of all-time, it is packed with hilarious moments. Even though some of the humor of The Sopranos is deliberate, other moments of humor are brought on by the utter stupidity of the characters.

Take Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri, for example. This iconic clip is probably one of the funniest moments from the show. What makes it better is that it was the result of him just being a huge idiot. He wasn’t even trying to be funny.

This short clip captures just what is so great about the show: its depictions of the world’s absurd depravity. Both the Boomer generation and their parents (i.e. The Greatest Generation) are made up of some huge assholes. That’s nothing new. Not all of them are bad of course, but the ones who stand out are the absolute worst. Paulie Walnuts and his mother’s friends are no exception, and The Sopranos captures their personalities perfectly. They are just straight up dick heads to each other for no real reason. It’s just the way they are hard wired.

Their pettiness and animosity towards each other is pretty remarkable. That aside, Paulie roasts them pretty hard in a brilliant and sinister way. There are so many other moments like this on The Sopranos. While it’s classified as a drama, the show is almost like a beautiful contemporary dark comedy about existing within a world that does not actually provide people with the means to achieve the so-called “American Dream.”

We don’t want to overanalyze this single video, so just go check out the whole series yourself.