The Time Paul Rudd And Jason Segel Met RUSH Was And Epic And Jarring And Wonderful

by Tim K

Everyone already knows that ‘I Love You, Man’ is both the best film of 2009 and is inarguably the most underrated film of the Aptowian era of studio comedies. It’s brilliant.

Huh… So what makes ‘I Love You, Man’ so great?

Dumb question! If you haven’t seen the movie, there’s no way I could sit here and explain to you why it’s special. It doesn’t work like that. Best I could do is show you the trailer, I guess.

Check out the trailer for ‘I Love You, Man’ below!

It’s great…

…But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. What we’re here to talk about is Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, and RUSH… and when they all MET.

Okay, here’s some context for readers who somehow haven’t paused reading this blog and watched ‘I Love You, Man’ yet…

In the movie, Rush plays a big role. It’s one of the big central pillars of the friendship between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. It rules. And as it turns out, after filming, the group made an EXTRA SCENE that was just released on the film’s DVD. In it, Paul and Jason (as their ‘I Love You, Man’ characters) meet the Holy Triumbrant… and it’s weird and jarring and amazing, all at once!

Check Out The Strangely Pleasing Video Below!

Beautiful! Thank you! Goodbye.