The Ultimate Collab: Bret Michaels Is Teaming Up With Dr. Phil To Take On “Scumbags” Everywhere

by Tim K

Television fans, it’s time to rejoice, because we have the collab of a lifetime shaping up: Per, Bret Michaels has announced that he and Dr. Phil are teaming up to address the ongoing problem of “scumbags” scamming Bret Michaels’s fans by pretending to be him online and asking for money.

That’s right, everyone… it’s actually happening! According to The Rock Of Love himself, these two Titans of Television are on course to finally cross paths!

Bret Michaels, who’s most famous for starring in VH1’s Rock of Love from 2007-2009, took to social media this week to warn fans to be wary of the “epidemic” of Bret Michaels imposters trying to pry money away from innocent fans.

“To all my family, friends and fans, I just wanted to say please be aware of the epidemic going on during this pandemic,” he said in the video he appeared to have recorded from inside his car.

“It is unbelievable the amount of Bret Michaels imposters out there reaching out to my amazing fans, friends and family, and trying to scam them. I’m telling all of you during this pandemic – people are feeling frustrated, isolated and vulnerable – please do not fall for these scumbags.”

Powerful words from the Rock of Love himself… but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Michaels continued, vowing to get the one and only Dr. Phil in the mix to help bring these bastards to justice:

“I’m taking this minute right now to tell you how serious I take this – that we’re going to work with Dr. Phil to help people that have been victimized by these scumbags. So please, everyone, be aware,” he concluded.

And once Bret posted the video to Twitter, his fans just couldn’t hold back their gratitude and praise:

Absolutely amazing. While chatter of a possible team-up between Bret Michaels and Dr. Phil had been in the rumor mill for the better part of the last decade, it was beginning to look like the stars might never align. But thanks to what sounds like millions of people out there dressing up as Bret Michaels and apparently straight-up asking his fans if they can have some money, it’s all finally coming together!

This just goes to show that even when things look bleak, something good can always come out of it. Thanks, Bret, Dr. Phil, and even all you scammers!