There Was A Big-Ass Sopranos Reunion Two Years Ago In Case You Missed It! Here It Is!

by Tim K

Here’s some pretty massive big-ass news from like two years ago: There was a big-ass Sopranos reunion! Did you know that? Did you miss it?

No, Yeah, That Rings A Bell. Sounds Familiar

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, Yeah. It Was Like 20-Year Reunion or something?

Right, yeah, that is it. Huh.

What’s wrong?

Nothing, yeah, just thought this would be more topical. We just found this video on YouTube and thought it’d be, well, if not “newsy,” at least, like, a hidden gem.

Oh, no, it’s definitely not a hidden gem. It was the TODAY show, wasn’t it?


That’s one of the most famous shows in the world. Can’t really be a hidden gem if it was on such a famous show.


Probably like 50 million people saw it when it aired. And that’s to say nothing of the rounds it made online afterward.

Okay. Yeah. Well, in any event, here it is! That video we’ve been mentioning. Here it is: