Think He’s Cooled Down By Now? Let’s Check In On Vanilla Ice About That Time He Tried Murdering Ron Jeremy

by Tim K

Time heals all things… maybe. Now that we’ve all had 14 years to cool off, we at Men’s Humor think it’s time to follow up with Vanilla Ice about that time he trashed the whole Surreal Life set and got all up in Ron Jeremy’s grill.

You good, Ice? What was that all about? Shit got crazy for a minute there.

For Those Who Got Too Scared Of Vanilla Ice And Ran From The TV When It First Aired, Here’s What You Missed:

If you’re new to the Surreal Life: Fame Games and the rules therein, don’t even worry about that. We don’t know what the rules were either, or if there even were rules? Doesn’t matter. Just forget that part.

Here’s What IS Important:

-Vanilla Ice was pretty clearly best friends with Ron Jeremy… before things went sideways.

-Vanilla keeps yelling “BACKSTABBER!” at Ron Jeremy. What he could’ve meant by that is anyone’s guess. What we do know, however, is that “BACKSTABBER” really hurt Ron’s feelings.

Courtesy of COD4Fan69 YouTube channel
Courtesy of COD4Fan69 YouTube channel

-Ron Jeremy keeps calling Vanilla Ice “Rob” throughout the clip, which is confusing, because it sounds like he’s saying “Ron,” which is his own name. He should have just kept it simple and called him Vanilla Ice.

-Ice proceeds to grab a drum set from somewhere (Why was there a drum set? No way the show was about teaching Ron Jeremy how to drum, right?) and attempt to smash it over Ron Jeremy’s head. He misses… but barely.

-Vanilla Ice smashes all kinds of other stuff in addition to the drum set.

-A bunch of big-ass security guys come in and everyone kind of walks away while Vanilla screams.

In conclusion…

Vanilla Ice, we just wanted to reach out and say that we hope you’re feeling better after all that. Sometimes life can get a little crazy, and when it does, it’s very common to lash out at the people who are closest to us. Please do know that we’re here for you if you ever want to talk. Thank you. Goodbye.