This Mom Who Rampaged Across Mexico To Find Her Daughter’s Killers Is Having Her Story Turned Into A Movie

by Mad Dog

MEXICO — Okay, this is a literal freaking slay. Miriam Rodriguez, the woman who stalked and hunted her daughter’s killers all across Mexico, is going to be receiving the big-screen movie treatment adaptation from Blumhouse Pictures, the production company behind The Invisible Man, Happy Death Day, and The Purge franchise.

In what Deadline called “a competitive situation,” sixteen different production companies bid on the story from the New York Times, which tracks Miriam as her world came crashing down when her daughter was kidnapped and murdered in 2014, even after Miriam had paid off multiple ransom demands.

What Miriam did next was simply epic and almost unbelievable.

Using various disguises and fake IDs, she went after the alleged Zeta cartel kidnappers and used a gun to hold them until they could finally be arrested by the Mexican authorities. Talk about a real case of “Mama knows best!”

Even Liam Neeson’s character in Taken would applaud this fifty six year old woman for her bravery and violent skills. We bet he’s kicking himself that he didn’t even consider that his character in Taken could be a girl boss.

Liam Neeson in the movie Taken

And here at Men’s Humor, we want to thank mothers everywhere, not just Miriam. In fact, we believe that every day should be Mother’s Day. Because, you see, sometimes you can’t rampage your way across the country to get your kidnapped daughter back. Sometimes the most important jobs for mothers are picking up your kid from soccer practice, or going to work at Wells Fargo to put food on the table for the family.

All that matters is that Moms everywhere know that we’ve got your back, and we’ll be paying as much money as the movie theaters will take from us to see this new Mexican action flick.