This NASCAR Vehicle Pays Tribute To Screech From ‘Saved By The Bell’


Dustin Diamond is the luckiest boy in the world. Though Dustin was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, the Saved By The Bell star has friends going out of their way to support him already. According to TMZ, one buddy in particular went out of their way to honor the former child-star with a gift befitting a king: Dan Block, president of Insurance King and BFF of Dustin Diamond, plastered a Get Well Soon message on the vehicle of NASCAR driver Josh Bilicki.

Wow. Men’s Humor planned a tribute for Dustin too. But there’s no way our gift would’ve held up next to this incredible vehicle below. So, we’ve canceled our tribute.

Check out the Dustin Diamond Get Well Car below

via Insurance King

Hit us with this car. Now. Please, Dustin. Fucking awesome.

Can you imagine getting torn to bits by the undercarriage of this thing? Flesh and bones, ground to pulp and Jackson Pollock’d on the sides of the NASCAR car? What a dream. Saved By The King, indeed!

Turns out Dustin Diamond has starred in multiple commercials for Insurance King, which explains why an executive for the company went out of his way to pay honor to the Screech actor. Watch one below.

What a beautiful tribute. We’re literally crying right now…

Us. Right now. Screech mobile, making us do this! via Giphy

Dustin has already started rounds of chemotherapy, so hopefully this diagnosis is just one pit stop on his way around the loop that is life.