Twitter Roundup: Here’s Every Tweet About Alex Trebek’s Final “Jeopardy!” Episode You Need To See

by Tim K

GAMESHOW, TELEVISION – You might wanna get the tissues ready: The final episode of “Jeopardy!” hosted by Alex Trebek aired last night.

Damn… Say it ain’t so.

Though it was taped back in October, the final installment of the popular-but-confusing gameshow aired Friday evening, and featured the last-ever hosting job by Alex Trebek.

Trebek hosted the game show – which, every week, asked an unclear number of questions to a seemingly-rotating cast of participants, who had to either sit or stand behind their podium or else they’d instantly be eliminated —  for 37 seasons before he died on November 8, 2020.

His passing came at the end of a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. Trebek filmed his final episodes amid treatment for the illness, and did not know that his final appearance would indeed be his last.

On Twitter, the official “Jeopardy!” account posted a heartwarming tribute to the iconic host:

From there, the feels poured freely:

Heartbreaking. We may not have understood the game or what the point of it was, we don’t even understand exactly what the hell CD Projekt Red wants us to do in their game, but we’ll miss you, Alex. RIP.