Vivica A. Fox Finally Admits She Is Attracted To Bugs

by Mad Dog

ATLANTA, GA — This year is already set to be the weirdest one in recorded history. Vivica A. Fox, star of the movie Sharknado, admitted yesterday that she is not only physically attracted to the rapper Young Thug, but she thinks he looks like a “sexy cockroach.”

Listen to Vivica wax poetic about her attraction to the insect-like hip-hop legend below:

“You know he’s like… just like a good sexy fucking cockroach,” she started. “And I don’t mean that like… You know what I mean, ‘cause it’s like the hair and everything like that. He’s got rockstar qualities. Like, he would be a great animation character.”

We’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that Vivica’s ideal man had antennas, a pincer mouth, and lays eggs by the thousands, but this just confirms it.

Clearly, Vivica is a woman who knows what she wants. Good for her! Get your bug on, Viv!

Hopefully Young Thug hears Vivica’s gestures of affection so they can link up!