WATCH: Revisit This Horrid Cover Of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” From The 2011 Super Bowl

slash and fergie

For Super Bowl half-time show performers, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Hundreds of millions of eyes are on you. If you mess up, the whole world sees. In 2011, The Black Eyed Peas sought half-time show glory. What they ended up with was one of the worst sounding covers of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” ever committed to the stage. Not even a guest appearance by Slash could save this train wreck of a cover.

Watch the Black Eyed Peas butcher “Sweet Child O’ Mine” below

What. The. HECK. Was. That. Simply not epic, m’lady.

Don’t get Men’s Humor wrong. We love Fergie,, Taboo, and individually. And brother, if you think we also love Slash over here at Men’s Humor, you bet your god damn anus we love Slash.

But we can’t help but respect them all less after this dogshit, synth’d-up version of “Sweet Child.” Sure, Fergie brought that Fergie swagger, Slash brought the shred, and the live audience clapped along enthusiastically enough. But none of it comes together, man. This sounds like your aunt getting drunk and doing karaoke before throws up all over your little brother and gets banned from family events for the rest of her life.

This tune normally has cajones for miles. The energy is not there. It has cajones for a yard or so. Not miles. Not cajones for miles at all.

Why doesn’t this work exactly? The answer’s pretty obvious: it just does not fuckin’ work without Axl crooning. It does not fuckin’ work.

Even middle-aged, weirder-looking Axl can own this song like no one else. Anyone who isn’t Axl just sounds embarrassing when they put their heart into this song.

We would’ve much preferred a Super Bowl half-time show consisting of “Gimme Some Reggae” repeating over and over again.

Fortunately, everyone and their god damn mother realized how bad this shit was. Even Rolling Stone called it the worst Super Bowl half-time show of all time. Nice try, Black Eyed Peas featuring Slash: you’re gonna need Axl next time you try this one!

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