Watch The Michael Jordan Of Cats Leap Across Time And Space Into Its Owners Arms


Think all cats are lazy? You are incorrect. Need proof? We have proof. Care to see a cat leap from a kitchen island into its owners arms? Video is below. The Michael Jordan of cats has been caught on camera, with ups that NBA scouts are taking notice of, no doubt in our brain.

Watch the cat do a huge slow-motion leap below!

Whoa. That cat basically flew (like a bird). In slow-motion, you can see it moving quite slowly and gracefully towards the woman in the red shirt on the right side of the video. In fact, it’s easy to see, thanks to the slow-motion effect that lets us observe this cat moving at a pace more observable to the human eye. Video technology is so sick, isn’t it?

We have found footage of the cat reacted to your amazed face, with your jaw dangling on the ground, dislocated from the wow factor of that orange cat’s vertical (wait…no horizontal…it leapt across…not so much up) stats.

Cat’s reaction to your amazement at its leap below!

Yup. That’s how the cat reacted. Must be pretty awesome being a cat right?

If we tried to leap like that off a kitchen counter, we’d shatter both kneecaps and scream and have to get someone to use a broom to push us towards a hospital.

Wait. It makes NO SENSE to us that we are a way bigger animal than a cat, but a cat can leap so much better than us? What?! That sounds like nonsense, but it is in fact, our sad reality. What on earth…if we think about it too much, we get depressed honestly. It sucks to be trapped in a body with such an awesome brain and imagination and typing skills, but to have next to no leaping abilities at all. Let alone, Michael Jordan leaping abilities.

Ugh, this aspect of being human is probably what Leo Tolstoy thought about all the time.

Well, c’est l’vie! That’s French for “hope you enjoyed this article, please keep clicking around Men’s Humor if you seek pleasurable Internet content!”