WATCH: The New ‘Fast And Furious’ Trailer Is Out, And Vin Diesel Is Still Bald!

by Mad Dog

INTERNET—Get ready, Fast And Furious heads. The new trailer for Fast And Furious 9 is here and it looks freaking sweet. Watch it below.

Holy crap. This looks jam-packed with action and loads of fun. Start your engines, y’all!

What is our favorite Fast And Furious Movie?

Gotta be Tokyo Drift. A movie that makes almost no sense and feature Bow Wow for some reason. Tokyo is an amazing city and this movie explores almost none of that. According to the movie, Tokyo is basically just a place that has cool cars and a ton of steam everywhere. Some very hot school girls as well. The best song of all time is in this movie.

Let’s fucking go, y’all!

And as always, let’s get this bread. This is Mad Dog, signing off.

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