We Hope This New Riddler MTN DEW Isn’t Some Sort Of Trick Soda That Tastes Like Piss

by TheDuder95

MTN DEW fans who love Batman just got a dose of good news. Sounds like the soda maker is possibly developing a new flavor inspired by one of Gotham City’s most notorious criminals…The Riddler.

This sounds awesome, but we really hope this isn’t some sort of prank soda that’s going to taste like piss or something. That’s exactly what the notoriously evil Riddler would want.

After someone leaked product shots of the new flavor, speculation rose that MTN DEW will time the release of the soda with the newest Batman adaption. As of now it’s been dubbed “Riddler’s Brew” and it’s inspired by The Riddler’s appearance in the upcoming film. Unfortunately for Batman fans and lovers of MTN DEW, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the release of The Batman to 2022.

While fans will have to wait yet another year to watch Robert Pattinson as “Bruce Wayne,” it’s still unclear what the soda will even taste like (or if it’s even real). Based on the photos alone, all signs point to something resembling MTN DEW’s “Dark Berry,” which the brand released in 2012 for The Dark Knight Rises.

The Riddler from the old ass Batman TV show (Via Giphy)

We hope for our sakes that the soda tastes more like blueberry and not like urine. We’re going to be so mad if MTN DEW tries to pull a trick on us just for marketing purposes.

Riddler MTN DEW??????

Excitement over the upcoming Batman flick starring Pattinson, Paul Dano, and Zoë Kravitz is definitely high. Fans of the DC franchise also had a lot to say about this new Riddler inspired soda.

The reviews so far appear to be mixed. We hope this new soda isn’t just a mix of classic MTN DEW and human pee. For everyone’s sake.

Who knows if this Riddler themed MTN DEW is even going to see the light of day. All we can say is that we hope MTN DEW acts responsibly if they are going to develop this kind of soda. We hope that they don’t do something controversial like release a piss-like soda just for Internet clout.

That would be worse than anything The Riddler could ever do to us.