We Rounded Up All Of Jose Canseco’s Most Insane Tweets So You Don’t Have To

by Tim K

JOSE, CANSECO – If you made your way here, you’re someone who knows what you want: Lunatic tweets from an absolutely goliath baseball player/professional fighter/reality television star. Namely? Jose Canseco. So please, allow me to step aside and let you get to it.

Some Absolute Gems From The Big Boy Himself, (Jose Canseco):

I don’t know what’s happening in that one!

He sure talks about this car wash a lot!

Not making any sense, Jose!

Yeah, cool, they got a new man there at the car wash!

Who? Who is it???

Sure, yeah, sounds pretty cool Jose!

Welp, in conclusion, there’s really no doubt about it. Jose Canseco… something’s up with him! I don’t know!

Thanks for stopping by, Tweet Fans. Until next time. Thank you. Goodbye.