You’re Gonna Wanna See This Awesome ‘School Of Rock’ Reunion Concert!

by Tim K

Everyone remembers where they were the first time they bore witness to the greatness that is SCHOOL OF ROCK, the 2003 comedy-musical written by Mike White, directed by the legendary Richard Linklater, and starring the one and only Jack Black. Ah, those were the days…

But what if I were to tell you that those days are BACK in a major way? Huh? What would you say to THAT? Would you even HAVE a response? If I told you that you could, in a way, re-live THIS perfect end-credits scene?

Well, that IS what I’m telling you, pussy!

As it turns out, the cast of School of Rock already HAD a reunion. It was a few years back. The kids are all grown-ass adults now, Jack Black has some gray in his beard, everyone was playing their instruments — the whole thing looked incredibly tight. If only WE could’ve been there…

Well, with the magic that is VIDEO, we can all pretend we ARE there!

Check Out The Awesome Reunion Footage Below!

Look at how old and weird everyone is! They’re all so gangly! Anyways, you’re welcome! Hope you enjoy. Thank you! Goodbye.