10 Home Design Fails That Will Have You Screaming In Delight

by Mad Dog

INTERNET—Holy crap, some people really don’t know how to design a home. Luckily, we have you covered. Check out this list below featuring some of the most epic house design fails from r/CrappyDesign that will certainly have you howling into the night like a goddamn werewolf.

10. These Literal Shower Blinds

Dear lord. Please save us from these dreaded blinds. These things are disgusting and will certainly not keep the water out. Next stop: black mold! Come on, guys. Do better!

9. The Dreaded Carpet Bathroom

Okay this is just wrong. The bathroom walls are absolutely no place for carpet. This is obscene. We are howling like hyenas every time we look at this awful decoration.

8. The Worst Toilet Paper Rack We’ve Seen

Christ Almighty! Who could possibly reach down and get toilet paper from that low on the ground. You’d have to be on some Cirque Du Soleil shit right there. Unbelievable…

7. The Sink From Hell

This is the sharpest sink we’ve ever seen. And we mean literally. This thing could poke out an eye, easily. Maybe even fracture some ribs if you hit it at the right angle.

6. The Porcelain Throne

Good lord. Could you at least flush before you take a picture of your disgusting Queen toilet? This is an abomination of the highest order. We’re simply screaming. And we will not stop until the police arrive.

5. The Stairway To Heaven

Working out while you go to take a shit? That’s not for us. Not for us one bit.

4. The Shit Sink

Who intentionally designs a sink like this? Demonic. Seriously messed up stuff right here.

3. Guaranteed Trip Stairs

Yeah, we’d trip down these immediately. Spilling everywhere. Paunch flopping out. Awful. Simply awful.

2. Scariest Bridge We’ve Ever Seen

Cross this bridge at your own peril, Men’s Humor citizens.

1. This Bathroom For Ants

The photo says it all. WTF.