20 Guitars That Are Weird As Hell And Maybe We Want Them

by Gorman

Not everyone is blessed with the skills to wail on the guitar. For some of us the air guitar will simply have to do- and it’s cheaper. But for those with the musical prowess and a keen eye for insane detail, these guitars might be right up your alley. Indeed, they are bonkers

1. Large And In Charge

Musicians Unite

Umm, excuse me? Is this a guitar for a GIANT? lol, we’re kidding, this guy looks like he can handle it.

2. Organic Guitars

Legends of Rock Guitar

We don’t know who these cats are, but they look like they can shred.

3. Skulls Are A Standby

Weird & Strange Guitars

Give me a man who doesn’t like a guitar covered in stained wooden skulls, and I’ll show you a man who has no idea what it means to truly live.

4. Double Duty

Conrad Snook

When you get married you can have sex and then play this guitar together!

5. No Shade

Weird & Strange Guitars

This one took a second to click, but we think the holes are trying to look like sunglasses. That or they’re not good at drilling pretty holes (WINK)

6. Elegant

Legends of Rock Guitar

This guitar will hug you as you hug it.

7. Grounded

Legends of Rock Guitar

Pretty nice stain on that guitar, though. Maybe it was worth it.

8 Fur Real

Mateus Vieira

This guitar probably feels great on your nuts and penis.

9. Angel Band


This is the guitar that Jesus plays when you storm into heaven. God is on drums. Holy spirit is bass.

10. Holy Moly

Musicians Unite

This guitar looks like cheese and it probably sounds very bad!

11. Devils Love String Instruments


And in this case, the devil is a very beautiful lady. Excuse me, guitar? Can I buy you dinner?

12. God Bless America


The strings do NOT run.


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ultimate guitar






The Wangcaster


great big stuff



Remember, it’s never too late to pick up an instrument. All that business about kids being the best at learning new things is true, but don’t dampen your own wings, friends. If you want to be a rock god, you do you. but get a guitar to match.

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