15 Real Life Easter Eggs People Somehow Discovered

by Mad Dog

Some of the best movies in the world have Easter Eggs—little hints that are references to other movies that very smart fans will pick up on. But there’s a subreddit that finds Easter Eggs in real life. It’s called r/IRLEasterEggs and it’s freaking epic.

15. When You Get Rickrolled In Secret

When You Being Rickrolled Silently
[Image via Bored Panda]

Oh man. Y’all just got Rick Rolled. Take that, Men’s Humor fans!

14. The Covert Beetle

Ha. Beetle
[Image via Bored Panda]

The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic piece of European culture. Just watch your shoulders, Men’s Humorites. Because we’re gonna punch ’em!

13. These Interesting Vent Covers In Stockholm Sweden

The New Subway Cars In Stockholm Have Some Interesting Ventilation Covers
[Image via Bored Panda]

Pac-Man in the subway? Now that just rocks our cocks. Seriously so cool. Makes the train ten times more fun in our opinion.

12. The Roller Coaster Shadow

Thats Sooo Coool!
[Image via Bored Panda]

Weee! It’s 6pm and it’s time to ride the shadow coaster. That’s incredible. Sometimes the Sun is seriously amazing.

11. The Coffee Bag Troll

Found In The Bottom Of My Bag Of Coffee
[Image via Bored Panda]

Idiot! Turn the bag around, you big goober. There’s no coffee openings on this side.

10. The Fun Forest

Every Autumn In The Oregon Coast Range As The Leaves Change, This Image Emerges From A Pine Forest
[Image via Bored Panda]

Aw. If we were flying in an airplane over this forest, you bet your ass we’d be smiling right along with this patch of epic pine trees.

9. The Peel Of This Beer Can

Under My Beer’s Seemingly Easy To Peel Label
[Image via Bored Panda]

Drinking beer is not a time to be anti-social! Put that peel back on and get back to hanging out with your friends, you dweeb.

8. The Sassy T-Shirt Tag

Damn, Okay T-Shirt
[Image via Bored Panda]

Hey. This is just mean. We haven’t ruined everything! We still have a family that loves us and three square meals a day in Cell Block 43.

7. The Sun Passing Through These Veterans Memorials

At Precisely 11:11 A.m. Each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), The Sun’s Rays Pass Through The Ellipses Of The Five Armed Services Pillars To Form A Perfect Solar Spotlight Over A Mosaic Of The Great Seal Of The United States
[Image via Bored Panda]

Respect the troops, enough said.

6. Futurama Is Living In The 30th Century

The Futurama Boxes Have 30th Century Fox
[Image via Bored Panda]

This is just downright fun.

5. The Hilarious Baguette Troll

Found On My Baguette!
[Image via Bored Panda]

Oh man. When baguettes stay out too long, they do get pretty hard.

4. IRL Ant-Man

Irl Ant-Man
[Image via Bored Panda]

We love all Marvel Movies, and we love this Ant-Man miniature even more.

3. Maternity Shorts Epic Win

Found This In My Maternity Shorts Today
[Image via Bored Panda]

Respect to our kweens!

2. Marge Simpson Becomes A Pole

This Pole I Found
[Image via Bored Panda]

“Doh!” That’s all we have to say about this…

1. Jerry Chilling It Up In The Walls

Jerry In The Wall Of A Pet Store
[Image via Bored Panda]

Oh god. Tom is going to get you, Jerry! Be careful!

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