16 Life Lessons People Had To Learn The Hard Way

by TheDuder95
Light fixtures appearing like nipples

Sometimes life can be hard. Just be lucky that you aren’t one of these poor souls below that had to learn harsh life lessons the hard way.

Read this list and take note: you do not want to find yourself in situations like these. That’s for sure.

Check out these Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way below

1. Lesson: Never get this close to a fox

2. Lesson: That’s not how lily pads work. Real life isn’t Frogger

3. Lesson: Don’t post your Ls on the timeline like this fam

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4. Lesson: Your insurance agency doesn’t care what you look like

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5. This is not how you eat an egg

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6. Lesson: If you rob a store, leave your phone in the car

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7. Maybe people don’t drink raw milk for a reason

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8. Lesson: Choose your light fixtures carefully. There might be kids around.

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9. Lesson: Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo da Vinci are not the same person

10. Lesson: Just be honest. Crime doesn’t pay!

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11. Lesson: Maybe don’t kill a spider the next time you see one

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12. Don’t wrap sausages with bacon…ever!

13. Always keep a close eye on your kids

14. Lesson: Twitter did not invent hashtags

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15. Lesson: Nope that’s not Mike

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16. Lesson: Always make sure your phone is secure. You never know when it might fall through a crack