17 Misleading Packaging Fails That Will Piss You Off

by TheDuder95

Food, clothes, toys: if you can buy it, it’s probably wrapped in packaging. While it’s great that companies have found innovative ways to package and deliver items to consumers, the end result isn’t always the best. These examples of horrible product packaging will blow your mind. In fact, you might even go insane.

1. Rolling Stone Presents (39 Of The) 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time

Rolling Stone Presents (39 Of The) 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time

Starting this list off with a doozy from Rolling Stone. If you’re going to be misleading, at least change your fonts a little bit. Also 39 selections? Why not give us 50 at least? Bonkers.

2. “Natural”

Natural My Foot

Gee thanks for clarifying!

3. Oh this is sneaky.

8% Alcohol Or

Whoever pitched this idea deserves a big raise.

4. Glad we weren’t in the room when this kid opened up his ball pit

Bought A Ball Pit For My Baby


5. It’s not delivery, it’s a scam

I Guess The Meatballs All Just Wanted A Window Seat

Just spread the meatballs around a bit. You’ll be fine.

6. “Box” Of Beef Jerky

This "Box" Of Beef Jerky

Yes that’s a box alright. It’s not a box of beef jerky, but it’s a box. You just have to know how to use it.

7. Cashews are a delicacy that need protective packaging

This Cashew Packaging. I Was Wondering Why My Hand Instantly Hit The Bottom When I Opened It

Cashews are expensive for a reason.

8. Yum!

So Thankful For My Singular Candy Topping

Guess technically it’s still “candy topped.”

9. Every one of these pens has blue ink.

Thought I’d Buy Some Colored Pens. Turns Out Every Single One Of Them Has Blue Ink

This is triggering.

10. “New” has taken on a whole new meeting.

New Means What's Inside Is Not New

Thanks for clarifying!

11. This is genius

Sales Genius

Guess it’s really the same amount of food?

12. Non dairy? Really?

How Can They Even Call This "Non-Dairy?"


13. “Watermelon juice”

I Was Wondering Why This Watermelon Juice Tasted So Weird

No wonder why it tastes a little weird.

14. New Cereal Box Is 11% Taller With 1.6% Less Cereal

New Cereal Box Is 11% Taller With 1.6% Less Cereal

15. These are literally the same size

No, It's Not Bigger. It's Of Same Size

This one pisses us off. For real.

16. Technically they aren’t lying

"Made In U.S.A"

Hey the shell technically was made in America. This would hold up in a court of law.

17. This is too real

Sneaky Packaging Cheating Us

Companies stay sneaky. That’s for sure.