8 Times Online Trolls Got Completely Owned In The Comments Section

by Mad Dog

INTERNET—We’ve all seen online trolls. And there’s nothing better than when they get a heaping helping of justice. These assholes need to be taught a lesson, which is why we’ve put together a list of the eight best examples of this kind of justice.

8. When Elon Musk Got F-Ing Owned

This Belongs Here
[Image via Bored Panda]

Elon, get wrecked my dude! You named your kid a credit card receipt. You cannot enter the conversation, homie. Time to go back to Mars, or whatever. Idiot.

7. Room Temperature IQ

Room Temperature Iq Is My New Favourite Insult
[Image via Bored Panda]

Room temperature IQ has gotta be the hardest insult we’ve seen in a while. Absolute fatality here in the comments. Hope you guys are prepared to see a murder, because that’s what this is.

6. Put On Your Dick Mask, Karen

Maybe She's Just Not Getting Any
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Karen, have you ever used a condom? Sure. They stink. But you won’t get herpes. And the coolest thing in the world is not having herpes, in our humble opinion.

5. This Woman Who Thinks Male Cows Can Produce Milk

Cow Goes Moo
[Image via Bored Panda]

Amazing. Totally misogonystic to name dairy cows after girls… when they are girls… Good one. Go to hell. Eat some male milk, fool. Eat it now. Grub it up.

4. Meth Head Gets Lit Up

I Think You Will Survive The Vaccine
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If you do meth, you can definitely not complain about the vaccine. That’s just facts. On God player.

3. What Kinda Muslim Are You?

Do Some Research Before Spouting Nonsense
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We’re Stromboli Muslims over here at Men’s Humor. It’s a rare sect, but a very meaningful sect.

2. Strokes vs. Covid

It's Simple Logic, And Therefore Completely Unfathomable
[Image via Bored Panda]

Good try, Brad. But you don’t understand jack shit.

1. This Dude Is Not Getting Any…

I Wonder If Op Ever Saw That, But Nevertheless
[Image via Bored Panda]

Getting schooled by a reddit poster on economics has got to hurt.