American Airlines Launching New Wine-Delivery Service

by Mad Dog

UNITED STATES—Well if you’ve ever wanted wine delivered to you from the sky, look no further than this article. It turns out that American Airlines is launching a new wine delivery service from the leftover wine that they have onboard their flights.

It’s called Flagship Cellars, and it sounds absolutely disgusting. For that reason, we love it.

Good lord!

What are the details on this American Airlines service?

Consumers can choose from individual bottles that range in price from about $13 to $40, a mixed pack starting around $50 and going up to $400 for a champagne case, or opt for the $99 monthly subscription plan. A variety of brands are offered through the program, including Stag’s Leap and Castlenau.

Will the Men’s Humor staff buy this?

Hell no. We’re beer drinkers. We like big strong frothy IPAs called “Ol’ Dumbass Dolpin” Ale. Things like that. Wine is not our game. Wine is for chicks and dudes who do not like humor. That’s our take on that. However, we love everyone who loves wine. Respect to you guys. Ha ha… kidding. FUCK YOU.

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