Chesticles On Ice: Check Out The Snow Globes On These Ice Princesses

by Gorman

As long as mankind have been turning snow into humanoid sculptures, we’ve been adorning them with boobs. These gorgeous babes are impermanent specimens of big-breasted loveliness. However, now we can ogle them forever thanks to instagram. These snow females will inspire stiffened penises for years to come. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite stone-cold hotties.

1. Beer Balancing Boobs


Find you a lady who can do it all.

2. Perky Boobs


Her name is Shannon. She loves spending nights at home, snuggling and Frasier.

3. A Full Figured Woman


This snow vixen is all woman (not really, she’s all snow.) If you can pry her man away for a gosh darn second you might get a chance to fondle those bad boys. Hachi machi!

4. Slash, But With Titties


Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is dead, but the snow have titties.

5. Belly Dancing Snow Babe


This beauty is a dancer!

6. Red Head


This is one twee looking snow lady. We bet she loves the Decemberists.

7. Pretty In Pink


John Hughes would happily put this icy lady in one of his romps. She’s sweet though, be good to her.

8. Lush


This snow lady has a problem!

9. The Snow Venus Of Willendorf


An ancient symbol of fertility.

10. The Most Beautiful Woman We’ve Ever Seen


Sorry, dudes. but we’ve called dibs on this fine lady. She looks fun.

11. A Perfect 10


If snow women were aristocrats they would look like this. She’s practically royalty!

12. Double Ds



13. Turning Heads


She’s coming up for air and taking our breath away!

14. Large Marge


Marge Simpson is the perfect woman, end of story.

15. She’s Got A Great Personality


Don’t be a jerk, give this little honey a chance. We bet she’s dynamite in the sack.

16. Cute. Not Hot, But Cute.


Date this girl, then marry her.

17. Sorry Fellas, She’s Taken!


We bet you’re as jealous as we are. This guy practically won the lottery!

18. Motherhood


Those boobs have a lot of work to do, but you’ll have no part in it. She’s got a little one to take care of.

19. Captain America Boobs


An absolute marvel.

20. Boobs Under Oath


Do you solemnly swear to take care of these tits and treat them with respect? We do.

And there you have it! A modest sampling of snowmen with boobs. Want more inspirational snow news??? Well what are you waiting for? Click here!