Burger Kings In France Are Giving Away Free Sacks Of Potatoes

by Mad Dog
burger king potato

FRANCE—If you thought McDonalds did a good job with charity, think again. Burger Kings across France are coming for you, Ronald! In France, to help local farmers, Burger King purchased two hundred tons of extra potatoes. And guess what, they’re giving it out to drive-thru customers. For FREE.


We’ve heard of french fries, but this is ridiculous!

How did this go down?

Basically, to help out farmers struggling during the pandemic, Burger King decided to step in big time. Just take it from their publicist:

“With the restaurant sector in trouble, thousands of French farmers have found themselves unable to sell their produce. Among them, potato farmers have been left with tons of the crop on their hands. We’ve decided to lend a hand by buying 200 extra tons of potatoes and from February 2nd, we’ll be giving away a one kilo (two pound) bag of potatoes with every visit to a drive-thru.”

Burger King Publicist

And what did these Burger Kings decide to do? Not just give away potatoes, but encourage French citizens to eat at competitor restaurants too, like McDonald’s, as a broader show of support for the dining industry.

Now that’s a whopper of a charitable act…bow down to the King, y’all.

Men’s Humor’s Call To Action:

Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jollibee, we’re looking at you guys. What the hell are you doing to help out needy farmers? Jack fucking shit. It’s time you guys step up and buy some potatoes or beans or whatever the fuck it is you use in your dogshit food. Step up to the plate, boys. And as always, let’s get that bread, y’all!

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