“Can Chickens Swim?” Asks Man With Chicken And A Pool


If you’ve ever wondered whether chickens had the ability to swim, wait no longer, you sick little pig person! Some guy found the answer. Fans of chickens, you may or may not like the answer, depending on how you view what occurs in the video below. We’re not making any promises. But what we CAN tell you is that this man does find an answer when he drops a chicken inside a pool. And the answer…you will…NEVER…believe…


Did you watch? For real, did you watch? Or are you just skipping right past to see if we’ll tell you what happens?

Look. Don’t fucking scroll down here for the answers if you haven’t watched. Clip is like, less than 20 seconds. Don’t be a lazy-ass. Fucking watch it for yourself, draw your own conclusion, and then return to this section of the article for our commentary on it. We’re not here to do the work for you.

You mindless slob. You didn’t watch the video. We can tell. Piece of shit, little pig person you are.

Why are you even here if you’re not willing to engage with this absolute tee-ball of a video we’ve found and lined up for you to watch? We did literally all the work for you. WTF?!

Just watch the god damn video. You are wasting your time, and ours. If you’re not going to watch it, log off and go outside. Build a birdhouse or jack off or smoke a cigarette, whatever, any of that is a better use of your time than clicking on an article about a video and then not even watching the video yours (again, it’s less than 20 seconds, what’s your excuse?). God.

You still haven’t watched it, have you? Know what, piss off. We’re done.

(The chicken floats for a second, doesn’t really swim or do anything else.)