Check Out These Incredible Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

by TheDuder95
novelty products

All of us love weird novelty products that help solve problems in our lives. Let’s face it – guys love that sort of thing. For all of the dudes out there who love scouring Amazon for cool products, look no further than one reddit page in particular.

It’s called Didn’t Know I Wanted That and it’s filled with awesome new or lesser known products aimed at making your life a little bit easier. We gathered some of our favorite posts from the thread for you. Take a look below.

We need this ASAP.

Is this cactus leather a bit itchy?

3. We need these magical glowing bathroom orbs

Sure these aren’t props from an alien movie?

4. This would be helpful for people who struggle with parking.

We’re just posting this for folks who might need help. We’re great at parking…

Get ready to freak out some friends the next time you have people over for a BBQ.

We’re guessing that someone would call the cops on us if we flew that thing.

7. Perfect for when you want to get away from your annoying family on a camping trip

Does this thing require a mortgage?

8. This is an incredible gift

Poor mum.

9. Not sure how you’d change a lightbulb in this lamp but it’s pretty cool

They sell those bulbs on Amazon? Home Depot?

10. This is the perfect solution to being able to quickly annoy your younger siblings on the bottom bunk

We would have loved this growing up.

11. Great way to freak out your neighbors

They’ll think you’re on some True Detective Season 1 shit.

12. Also a great way to freak people out

What is it with inventors of products designed to scare people? Who hurt you?!

13. Okay this is actually pretty practical

There’s no way our dish drying setup would look anywhere as organized as this, but it’s definitely a space saver.

14. Kneepads with wheels sounds like a disaster waiting to happen but it’s a good idea

We can just see ourselves using these for recreation instead of work.

First check to see if this card is in the bargain bin.

Use these balloons wisely.