Costco Dropping Coconut Milk Brand Over Monkey Labor Allegations

by Mad Dog
Costco monkey labor featured image

COSTCO—Okay, this is pretty insane. You know how people like coconut milk? Well, it turns out that coconut milk company Chaokoh is using MONKEYS to milk their coconuts for them. That’s total bullshit. And it’s also freaky. Which is why Costco and Target have both decided to stop using this company in their stores.

Check out the Costco monkey labor debacle below

Rejoice, monkeys! You will never be used again to create coconut milk.

What is going on with these monkeys?

According to PETA, this company is pretty evil in how they treat their coconut monkeys.

“By dropping Chaokoh, Target is joining thousands of stores that refuse to profit from chained monkeys’ misery,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a statement. “PETA exposés have confirmed that Thai coconut producers are exploiting monkeys and lying about it, so there’s no excuse for any grocery store to keep Chaokoh on its shelves.”

Damn son. Wicked.

Men’s Humor’s opinion:

If you want coconut milk, get it yourself. No monkeys necessary. Just climb up into a tree and find yourself a delicious coconut. Then, smash it open with your head. Use your teeth to shear off the hair on the fleshy fruit. Rip that sucker open and guzzle her down nice. Simple. No monkeys necessary. Stay safe, y’all!

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