Don’t Call Them Dad Fails – 16 Examples of Dad Ingenuity

by TheDuder95

Every dad just has their own unique way of doing things. That’s what we love about them.

These hilarious #DadFails prove that you definitely can’t live without fathers, but you also shouldn’t leave kids alone with them. You never know what might happen.

1. Dads are gonna dad

2. All fathers deserve a special day, even if chaos ensues

Is that Bart Harley Jarvis?

Hey if it works it works. Right?

We stand by this dad 100%.

Who knows who might be watching in on you.

7. Extra padding for when the baby falls or something. Genius.

This dad was just thinking outside the box, that’s all.

8. When fathers are left alone and have to pack lunch for the kids…

Surprised there wasn’t a Coors Light in there too.

9. Hey you did say “use four diapers now”

Dads are just really good at following directions.

10. #Priorities

11. Every father knows that WD 40 works best when it’s been refrigerated

Says it right there on the bottle.

12. How was this dad supposed to know that the diaper garbage can needed a bag?

That’s not intuitive. The baby poop is already wrapped.

13. It’s the effort that counts. This dad clearly gave 110%

Wonder what those pancakes tasted like. Now that’s what we call “fusion cuisine.”

14. Almond milk and laundry detergent are basically the same thing anyway

The kids will be fine. Don’t worry about them.

15. Technically not a dad but well on his way to becoming one

16. You can tell the baby loves this.

Dad of the year?