Doctors Shared Wild And Hilarious Stories You Won’t Believe

by TheDuder95

Doctors have very tough jobs, that’s no secret. While they dedicate their lives to helping patients, sometimes they have to just stop and laugh at some of the things they see and hear. You need to read these incredible stories from doctors on the front lines to believe them. Truly wild stuff!

Weed + alcohol + flame thrower = 1 expensive trip to the emergency room

That’s definitely going to leave a mark.

Guess they’ve been through a lot after all.

We did not see that one coming…and neither did those doctors.

Oh yeah we did see Logan Paul talking about that on his YouTube channel. How could we forget?

Lord Molar requests your presence for a tooth removal!

Glad the ear infection went away though.

This one will be studied in medical textbooks for years to come.

This woman was clearly of sound mind.

They clearly aren’t doing sex ed classes in Amish Country.

11. This woman didn’t get sex ed classes in middle school either

Those classes are always awkward anyway.

How do you not know how a condom works?

This grateful patient probably makes the struggle of med school worth it.

14. Decapitation…constipation…same difference!

You know it’s true.

You’re in heaven now…just kidding.