Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: 20 Hilarious Memes About Being Short

by Gorman
Memes about being short featured image

Being short can be tough, but there is also a brotherhood amongst small people that transcends height. After all, it’s the struggles in life that shape our character. Here are 20 memes that only short people will understand. See us, hear us, know us.

1. The Shallow End


People make fun of us, but we’re just chilling out.

2. Pride


Everything the light touches, is your kingdom. Unless you are too short to see it.

3. Hitching A Ride

Meme Center 

Piggy back rides…or giraffe back rides?

4. Shade


That visor is a perfect example of BAD DESIGN. It works for Andre the Giant, maybe.

5. Dryer Hazard


Every day chores can be full on obstacle courses when you are a wee little thing.

6. Out Of Reach


Why I oughta….

7. Problem Solver


When you’re short, you’re forced to find unconventional solutions to everyday problems

8. Thinking Ahead


This isn’t thinking hard, it’s thinking smart.

9. Do Unto Others

Ari Yarwood

When you’re short, you find yourself faced with the worst and best of humanity. It’s a gift and a curse!

10. Problematic Solutions


Look, you have to come up with 100 bad ideas before you can find a good one.

11. Am I Being Clear?


This is the soundest logic on the internet.

12. Why Is This Meme Paired With A Picture Of A Duck?


Mostly included in this list because we have no idea what the guy who made it was thinking. Are ducks very short? In comparison to what? Why is there only one duck in this picture? So many questions…

13. Long Jump


Everyday hurdles.

14. Grogu


This might seem cute to some, but it can be life or death to a short person who really needs to buy some new toilet paper.

15. Independent Women


Women have always been champions of short problem solving.

16. Look Who’s Talking


So smug, and so short.

17. Fresh Perspective


We love you, Carlton.

18. Cartoon Logic


This is so mean, but also so good.

19. Helping Hand


An old joke? Perhaps. But it still hits so good.

20. Runt Of The Litter


They’re usually the ones causing the most trouble, though.

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