Dude’s Wife Wouldn’t Sleep With Him After His Toes Kept Falling Off In Bed

by Mad Dog

WALES—Okay, this is a story that is crazy and gets even crazier. According to Wales Online, a man is furious with his wife after she refused to keep sleeping with him. The reason? His toes kept turning black and falling off into the bed.

NSFW: Nasty Toes Below, Proceed At Your Own Peril

Goddamn! That’s nasty as hell, dog! We wouldn’t sleep with you either.


What in God’s Green Earth happened to this man’s toes?

The man with the bad toes, Simon Charlesworth, was hospitalized three years ago with the flu, pneumonia, and sepsis. He was put into a coma for ten days and the doctors fought to keep him alive.

When he ultimately survived, and returned home from the hospital, the unthinkable happened.

“My wife refused to sleep in the same bed as me as she didn’t want to wake up with a detached toe beside her,” said Simon, from Brackla, Bridgend.

“Some have come off in my hand while applying antiseptic lotions, some in bed and, by far the worst, some have come off in the shower. Can you imagine putting your socks on in the morning and thinking ‘I’m sure that toe was there last night’?”

No, Simon. We definitely fucking cannot imagine that.

When did the first toe come off?

Simon says (ha!) the first toe came off in 2018.

“The actual falling off bit was not painful. I used to have a shower every day and then spray all my toes with antiseptic to try and stop any infections. The toe came off as I was rubbing it with Germolene,” he said.

“It was a shock more than anything else. Even though my toes were in a terrible state I still wasn’t expecting it to happen.”

Do we agree with Simon or his wife?

Definitely Simon’s wife. Simon’s toes are disgusting. We hope that she finds a man with more toes soon! Until then, keep grinding and stay safe everyone! Let’s get that bread.

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