Enormous Wave Sneaks Up And DESTROYS Unsuspecting Guy


Whao! WHAO! The ocean is a fickle beast. You stand in it, you film your videos, and out of NOWHERE, a big wave will come to slap you right on the ass. WHAO! It happened to this man, and where it did happen was Big Beach, Maui (tropical place).

Prepare for impact. Watch the big wave just a little bit below, the video is like a line or two down.

Oh boy, you are not even ready. Video is located directed below. Click to watch.

What did you think of the video? We already know. You said WHAO!

Here’s what Paul had to say about this experience.

“I survived being crushed by this wave at Makena State Park (Big Beach), in May 2015. Never turn your back on the ocean!”

Never turn your back on the ocean is god damn right. It’s an enormous place. You take your eye off it while filming your YouTube video? It will creep up behind you and slap you right on your ass.

Congrats to Paul for surviving this absolutely gigantic water incident. You sir, are simply epic. We hope this has not ruined your opinion of the ocean. The sea has so much more to offer other than slapping you right on your ass. For example: dolphins, eels, coral reefs, the octopus, and so much more.

Please carry on filming your YouTube in the ocean. We’d love to see more of that place, and if you get slapped right on your ass by a huge wave again? Well, that’d be insane. Thanks so much.