Fonzie Once Took An Epic Stand Against Racism That’s Still Powerful Today

fonzie takes on racism

Happy Days had a character that the whole world loved and bowed down before. Who was that character? That was Fonzie, portrayed by Henry Winkler! Mr. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli is a character best known for his love of kissing, leather jackets, and…fighting RACISM?! That’s right. It turns out America’s Bad Man was tolerant of all peoples. In this 16-second clip below (so short!), Fonz took an epic stand against bigotry that will go down in long-term history for its stunning bravery and power.

Fonzie did NOT jump the shark when it came to fighting inequality!

Watch Fonzie fight racism below!

Chills. We have the chills!

Normally, Fonzie will hit a jukebox and a song will start playing. Not here, though. Here, Fonzie uses a punch to fight a wall owned by a bigot.

Here’s what happened, if you didn’t watch the 16-second clip (the clip is so short!). After kissing a waitress, Fonzie sprints up to a wall and punches it so hard a Whites Only sign falls off its frame. In our opinion, that symbolizes the triumph of love over racism.

Isn’t that awesome? Man, Happy Days sure was ahead of its time.

It must’ve been so difficult for Fonzie to practice anti-racism while spending so much time around Happy Days’ notoriously racist Cunningham Family. Just makes Fonzie’s gesture all the more beautiful, we guess!

Now what’s really amazing is that not a single TV show has featured Fonz punching a wall and knocking a Whites Only sign off its frame since Happy Days did it. This is the only time in television history where that happened. It just goes to show you how powerful this clip really is.

Let’s give it up for the Fonz. You, sir, are simply epic!

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