Former Australian Soldier Goes ‘John Wick’ Trying To Get His Lost Cat Back

by Mad Dog

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — If you thought that John Wick was epic and badass for trying to save his dog, wait until you read this. A former Australian soldier by the name of Tony Wittmann appeared in court today after he stormed an animal shelter in tactical gear and pointed his assault rifle at employees in order to find his lost cat.

Holy shit! That’s so sick. It wouldn’t be sick if anyone got hurt. But no one got hurt, so this is definitely sick! John Wick IRL!

John Wick! It’s WICK! via Giphy

How did this happen?

After losing his cat, Wittmann was alerted by an animal shelter that his pet had been found and was safe to pick up. All he had to do was wait 24 hours for them to process the cat.

But that wasn’t good enough for our hero.

Wittmann apparently wanted his cat back immediately and stormed the shelter, armed with riot gear. Then he tied up one of the employees.

Uh oh. That’s not cool. But it even gets worse.

He then apparently said, “Do as I say and listen to me, I won’t shoot you.”

Yeesh! Talk about a cat Dad. This is not cool Tony. We were on your side and now we’re definitely not.

Now what for John Wick IRL?

Pretty much seems like Wittmann is fucked. Australia has very strict gun regulation. And you definitely can’t use guns to attack a pet shelter employee, even if they do know the whereabouts of your precious cat.

While we commend Tony for doing whatever it takes to get his beloved pet back, this is definitely not okay. And we at Men’s Humor want to make it clear that we do not support anyone storming an animal shelter with a weapon of ANY kind. Even if it is for an amazing cat.

At the end of the day, these are man’s best friends, and aiming an assault rifle at them is decidedly not chill.

Alright, enough news. Kick back and watch some WICK!