Heathens Are Eating Tacos Off Of Logs On r/WeWantPlates

by Mad Dog

INTERNET — Well, this is downright disgusting. If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant and been served steaming hot chicken noodle soup out of a pig trough, we have the subreddit for you. It’s called “r/WeWantPlates” and it features photographs of restaurant patrons being served food out of some very questionable serving trays.

Jesus H. Christ. Why in the world would anyone want to eat bread out of a rotting animal corpse, unless of course, you are a pack of ants or something. Maybe even a dog of some kind, but definitely no human would ever want to eat out of this thing. We certainly wouldn’t. Not even if we were famished for bread!

The point is, people are pissed. And rightfully so. Just look at some of these insane serving arrangements from the subreddit itself:

[image courtesy of r/wewantplates]

Why would you serve eggs in an egg carton? The whole point of an egg carton is so you can transfer eggs to a pan and cook it so it can be served… on a plate. Not in the dirty carton from whence it came!

[image courtesy of r/wewantplates]

Why? Just why are you stringing up bacon slices on a clothesline? Please stop the madness. Put that bacon a plate next to some yummy eggs and toast where it belongs!

How can we stop what’s happening on r/WeWantPlates?

The answer is simple. In order to get restaurants to stop these bizarre arrangements of food, we need to let them know that this is unacceptable. If you encounter something like this in the wild, you need to put your foot down and tell your server that you demand a plate or you will scream like a banshee.

You must howl and howl to let the server know what you want. Otherwise, shit like this will keep happening for all of eternity! r/WeWantPlates is a disgrace.