How To Do Stuff: For Men Who Don’t Know How To Do Stuff

by Gorman
tuna sushi guide

Learning is tough. Or is it? Now it doesn’t have to be, since we can make facts into drawings. Dressing well should seem like a straight forward thing, but for whatever reason it isn’t. Also, what makes wine good? This is a list for guys who don’t know how to do stuff. Why? Because some stuff is hard to do, OKAY? Try it. Or don’t!

People who don’t know any better (women) will say “it’s just a shirt, why is this so hard for you?” And we will say, “it just is, babe. It just is.”

Thank god for this infographic.

There are times in every man’s life when they have no goddamn idea what to wear. Enter, this infographic.

Don’t do work for free, friends. Just don’t!

Wine is fancy. This is something we can all agree on. Now, learn about the wine sizes.

Ways to avoid dying. Very helpful.

For a romantic night making sushi, we guess.

A definitive list of good ways to walk.

Truly the most helpful infographic ever designed. Colors are hard!

If you’re anything like us, you look terrible all the time. Now you don’t have to! Look at this infographic the next time you ask yourself “do I look awful right now?” The odds are, you probably do.

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