Hysterical Amazon Reviews That Are Also Brutally Honest

by TheDuder95
amazon reviews collage

Amazon reviews are super helpful when it comes to figuring out which new products to buy. As online shopping becomes more of a norm, it’s always good to read first hand reviews of products that you might not be able to physically purchase in stores. Not only are online review helpful, but they provide us with tons of laughs. It’s always better to hear about someone’s product fail than to experience first hand.

Below are some hilariously honest reviews of products that will have you scouring Amazon comments looking for more.

1. An unfortunate situation becomes a brutally honest review. We are here for it!

2. That’s one way to test out a product’s durability!

3. A computer mouse that saves a relationship? We’ll take two!

4. Hey candle companies – dudes like nice scents too!

5. Need to keep tabs on your alpaca? This is the collar for you.

6. What more do you need to know?

7. No. The body of Christ is not vegan. Go figure.

8. Fair point

9. They’re called “down” pillows because they kill the geese before using their feathers. Duh!

10. This brings back horrible memories

11. Damn how much lube does one person need? Guess it works though!

12. Works like a charm!

13. Now this is an honest Amazon review

14. Usually these kinds of headphones just block out noise in an office

15. Truer words have never been spoken

16. Ouch dude. Sounds like you wasted your money on this one!

17. Props to this guy for giving such an honest Amazon review. We need more people like him in the world.