Incredible Home Improvement Fails That Will Crack You Up

by TheDuder95

When it comes to DIY home improvement, a simple rule comes to mind: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Some folks unfortunately just have to learn the hard way.

These incredible home improvement project fails will leave you with a smile, and hopefully teach you a lesson. Sometimes it’s best to just hire a pro.

1. Yikes. You seriously didn’t hire an architect for this addition?

Via @JoyArchitecture

2. Who doesn’t need a hose in their living room?

Via @HighMarkConstruction

3. You definitely won’t ever have to shovel this drive way

Via @Tradesman4U

4. We would never be able to get over this flooring fail


5. Hey a balcony is a balcony, even if you can’t access it

Via Imgur

6. If your goal in life is to sleep as close to a bathroom at all times, well then this is the DIY project for you

Via Instagram

7. Handrails can be oddly pricey sometimes so we appreciate the cost cutting inspiration here

Via Instagram

8. Were not even sure if this is a home improvement fail. We actually aren’t sure what this is.

Via Instagram

9. More DIY toilet ingenuity. We stand behind this 100%

Via Instagram

10. In case you ever want to charge your phone while heading down the stairs


11. That’s one way to save on installing central air in your home


12. Whoever did this deserves an award

13. For when you need some toilet paper in the shower

14. Those windows certainly look..uh..interesting

home design fail-7
Source: Bad Realty Photos/Twitter

15. DIY design at its finest

refridgerator island
Source: imgur

16. This sink is just a littttle bit short

home design fail-6
Source: imgur

17. Be careful of that last step

surprise stair
Source: imgur