Irish Elderly Men Marry Each Other To Avoid Inheritance Tax. Anyone Want To Marry Us?

by Mad Dog

DUBLIN, IRELAND — Move over I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, because these two Irish men just one-upped you on the ol’ marriage front. Yep, two elderly Irish men named Michael O’Sullivan and Matt Murphy decided to get married in Dublin, Ireland in order to avoid paying taxes.

And there’s even a documentary about their story!

Why did these Irish guys do this?

Basically, here’s what went down. Matt Murphy, who was eighty years old, needed someone to take care of him. His best friend of thirty years, Michael O’Sullivan, needed a place to live. The two decided to move in together, and what happened next is simply epic.

Yep, they got freaking married. Just like lovers would, but they are not lovers. They are just friends…

But… why?

In Ireland, there is a fifty thousand Euro inheritance tax, but Michael and Matt didn’t want to pay this tax when Matt ultimately passed away and gave his house to Michael. So, to avoid the tax, they did what any of us would do and tied the knot.

It’s legitimately genius! Plus, you get to marry your best friend. And who else can really say they get to do that> We’re fully on board.

If we at Men’s Humor had the choice, we’d all marry each other. We wouldn’t even need a tax incentive to do so. It just sounds fun. A big never-ending sleepover with the people closest to you in your life. Anyway, we are currently pretty lonely, so if anyone knows of any friends that we could marry, that would be pretty awesome. No pressure though, just an idea we’re lobbing out there to our fans.

We’d even be willing to sleep on the couch for a little bit if someone would let us. Seriously though, no big deal if not. Our housing situation is just a bit precarious at the moment. And it might be nice to bunk up. Anyway, go Michael and Matt!