Keeping Us Safe: Border Patrol Seized 200 Pounds Of Contraband Bologna

by TheDuder95

U.S. Border Patrol agents just announced that they seized almost 200 pounds of illegal Mexican bologna that a smuggler was trying to bring into the country. If you love pork you are going to want to stop reading this article right now.

Some criminals smuggle drugs. Other criminals smuggle pork. Pick your poison. Either way, Border Patrol is definitely not giving back this deli meat. They are definitely planning on eating it.

That’s a lot of bologna, border patrol…

Agents stopped a Nissan SUV the morning of Feb. 7 at a New Mexico border crossing, searched the vehicle and found 22 large, red packaged rolls. The driver hid some in the trunk while stashing some in his luggage. It’s unclear where he was going to take the bologna after crossing the border.

“Bologna is a prohibited product because it is made from pork and has the potential for introducing foreign animal diseases to the U.S. pork industry,” according to the agency.

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U.S. Border Patrol is clearly in the pocket of Big Pork. Come on, let Americans get a taste of Mexican pork. Who is it going to hurt?

Agents fined the 49-year-old Albuquerque resident behind the wheel $500. Agents then promptly destroyed the contraband meat. Yeah, sure border patrol. We believe you. If by “destroy” you mean that you took those contraband cold cuts and made a sandwich for lunch. Who are you kidding? Not the American people!

When news of the story broke, folks on the Internet were quick to react. Many believe that the agents at the border should have more important things to deal with.

While it’s feasible that border patrol was just trying to limit the spread of animal borne diseases, we think they really just saw the opportunity to get a free lunch and decided to cash in.

Score one for Uncle Sam? Guess so.