Legal Weed Is Coming To New Jersey! Sadly For Us, Men’s Humor HQ Is In Beijing

by Gorman

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY — Pop the champagne, boys…or don’t! Smoke weed instead because that would probably be the most appropriate way to celebrate this occasion. According to a story published by Marijuana Moment (lol) “The governor of New Jersey on Tuesday reaffirmed his commitment to passing legislation to get a legal marijuana market up and running after voters approved a legalization referendum in November.”

So cool that Mary Jane is coming to the Garden State. It’s a damn shame that Men’s Humor HQ is based in Beijing, China. If we were in New Jersey? Man, we’d definitely try some of that marijuana.

Gov. Phil Murphy is joining many other prominent state governors in their call to legalize marijuana and promote the cannabis industry. Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear all mentioned legalizing marijuana in their State of The Commonwealth addresses last week. That’s a lot of powerful men who will stop at nothing to get lots of weed. We don’t blame them!

Um, Mayor Chen Jining? Legalize it! Your constituents at Men’s Humor would very much like that.

Gov. Murphy said “This hasn’t been an easy fight, nor has it happened as quickly as I would have liked, but we are in a better place, a smarter place and a more just place than ever before.” This is following the further delay of legislation introduced in November to reform the industry.

So what’s the hold up? Looks like Governor Murphy is reticent to sign any bills that have no clear punitive provisions for underage use. While he’s at it, we’d love if NJ’s marijuana bill included a section legalizing marijuana in Beijing too! Would be really awesome to help your friends in the East that way, Lǎo Murphy!

Weed Will Solve Every Single Problem

Many states have been eager to find new way and sustainable ways to boost their economy since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Marijuana use, both recreationally and medically, has become so commonplace that it’s hard to believe it’s still illegal. Maybe not in Men’s Humor’s Beijing neighborhood, where being caught with marijuana possession can mean a 15 year stint in prison. We bet it could help mellow us out!

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