Man Hits His Highest Note (WARNING: Your Dog Will Go *Insane* If It Hears This)


We should start off this article with a disclaimer. So, in the following video, a man hits a ridiculously high note. Like, unbelievably high. We played the video out loud on our iPad (all our articles are written on iPads, by the way) as our dog walked in the room. Unfortunately, the sound this man made caused our dog to bite its own dick off. It was horrible. Dog went insane. As soon as it heard this man’s high-note, it started howling like a fuckin’ imbecile and gnawing at its crotch.

Ugh. Feeling pretty traumatized from having witnessed that.

Luckily, we got to the vet in time so that our dog’s cock could get reattached, but man, it was a close call. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up so you don’t have to go through that as well. Probably best to use headphones or send your dog outside for a bit as you watch this.

Alright, we warned you.

Watch this man hit his highest note below!

See what we mean? If your dog bit its own penis off because it heard this man’s screech, we’re really sorry, but we warned you.

Well, that’s all we wanted to show you. Replay the video a few times if you want, it’s pretty short. Also, it is certainly an impressively high-note, we guess, but it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm about it. We’re just kinda biased about this video, given what happened to our dog. Don’t wanna influence your opinion on it based on that incident, judge for yourself.