Minnesota Man Leaps Onto Frozen Trampoline (WARNING: Insane…)


When it’s cold out and you own a trampoline, you get a lot of crazy ideas. One idea is to pour water all over your trampoline in freezing cold temperatures, so a layer of ice forms on it, and then jumping on it. That is precisely what a YouTuber named Minnesota Cold did, and just a heads up, this footage is majorly loco.

Here it comes…the video mentioned above…

Watch a man jump on a frozen trampoline below!

That was so crazy. We gotta imagine he died after filming this. RIP to Minnesota Cold! No way you survived this stunt. We will miss you. Hope your trampoline is okay.

The only thing that would make this video even cooler is the Saw theme song.

We’re getting the chills imagining Minnesota Cold jumping on a trampoline as the Saw music blasts so loudly his neighbors file a noise complaint.

The Saw theme song makes literally everything better. We know you agree.


Saw, theme song


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