Moms Are Posting Weird Stuff On Facebook, Someone Needs To Check On Them

by TheDuder95
Mom and daughter on bed

Moms we feel for you. We really do. You’ve got a ton of responsibility that we can’t even begin to fathom. But a little advice? Please stay off of Facebook. This is stating the obvious, but Facebook is full of weirdos. It doesn’t matter where you look on the social media platform, there are freaks of all kind to be found. These moms who decided to post some truly bizarre stuff on Facebook are no exception.

Seriously. Someone needs to check on them. This reddit thread is filled with bizarre gems. Take a look at some of the wildest posts below.

1. These moms have to be joking, right?

Not sure what’s in the water over there but we are seriously worried.

2. Your son is refusing the WHAT?

Lady please stop giving your kid oils against his will.

3. Wonder what went wrong here

An egg fast is only going to destroy that household if it isn’t already.

5. Please don’t name your kid after a tree

Please just be normal.

6. What now?

Getting ready to dial DCFS’s number in 3…2…1…

What is wrong with these moms?

8. Please go directly to jail

This has to be a felony of some kind.

9. *vomits*

Hope this mom isn’t trying to break this recipe out for Super Bowl Sunday on some unsuspecting guests.

10. Was the selfie worth it?

Moms who do it just for the Gram are unreal. Hope your kid is okay.

11. Maybe we need to get kids back in the classroom ASAP

This pandemic can’t end soon enough.

12. Oh god

Were going to have to go and lie down after putting this list together.

13. Not gonna lie those do look terrible

Sorry just trying to be real.