Montreal Student Tries To Reach Out To Professor, Turns Out He’s Dead

by Mad Dog
dead professor

MONTREAL—Well, this sucks. A student in Montreal was shit out of luck after he tried to contact his virtual professor only to find out that he was actually dead. Uh, that’s a big fat bummer.

Jesus Christ!

This poor professor got the ultimate punishment: death. And his student paid an even greater price: finding out that his professor is dead.

What Does Men’s Humor Think About This Montreal Student And Their Experience?

We hate death. There is nothing worse that can happen to a human, besides torture. Men’s Humor does not have a stance one way or the other on torture. We just think everyone should hang out and crush brews.

Will This Kid Get A Good Grade In His Class?

If the school doesn’t give him an A+ for his work, we sure as hell will. Come join us, young student. Join the living. We love you. Stay safe, and above all else, keep on grinding big fella.

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