New Smart Dog Collar Tells Owners If Pets Are Happy, But Not If You’re Getting Friend Zoned

by TheDuder95

SOUTH KOREA – A brand new “smart” dog collar is revolutionizing the relationship between men and their dogs. It’s called the Petpuls, and it was developed by a South Korean company to tell pet owners what their dogs are feeling.

Wow. This incredible new collar will tell you if your dog is happy, but not if you are being friend zoned by your crush? That’s something dogs can detect in your potential lovers, right?

Petpuls Lab began gathering different types of barks back in 2017 to analyze the various emotions of our canine companions. Three years later, they developed an algorithm based on their database of more than 10,000 samples from 50 breeds of dogs. They claim that the collar has a 90 percent average accuracy rate of emotional recognition.

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If this dog collar is that intuitive, it should definitely pick up on whether or not the person you’re pining for is into you, right? You’ve really been spending a lot of time with them and things don’t seem to be going anywhere.

If this collar can’t help detect that, that’s honestly kind of a huge bummer and a waste of research.

So how does this dog collar work?

The Petpuls collar taps into the bark database developed by the company. It then uses voice recognition technology to monitor a dog’s emotions, like being happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad. Next, that data is then transmitted to a smartphone app so owners can keep track of their pet’s mood.

“It comes with an activity tracker and rest tracker,” says Petpuls marketing exec Andrew Gil. “With the activity tracker, it will show how much activity has been done, based on the calorie consumption analysis. At the same time, the rest tracker shows how much rest the dog needs or how tired the dog is.”

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A bunch of dogs who should be able to tell whether or not your crush is into you. [PHOTO: Via Petpuls Facebook]

Well only time will tell if Petpuls will update its smart dog collar to help your dating life. While we think it’s great to give dogs a voice, it certainly should allow them to be a little bit more useful.

It’s great when your dog feels happy and satisfied with its life, but what about your desire to love and be loved? Doesn’t that matter at all to the makers of Petpuls? Doesn’t your dog care about your romantic well-being too?

After all, dogs are apparently man’s best friend. Maybe they should start acting like it.