People Are Milking Themselves For Cheese, Hell Yeah!

by Mad Dog
human cheese

INTERNET—If you thought people were using their breast milk for their children, think again. People are actually using their breast milk to turn it into cheese, and we are absolutely here for it.

Sounds delicious.

So Wait, How Is This Happening?

According to The Takeout,  In 2010, lauded New York chef Daniel Angerer wrote about the practice on his blog, explaining that his wife was pumping out that chesty nectar faster than their infant daughter could suck it down. “We are fortunate to have plenty of pumped mommy’s milk on hand, and we even freeze a good amount of it,” he said.

But it gets weirder. The Takeout explains:

 Angerer explained that their small freezer ran out of space, so he and his wife were left with a choice: pitch the spare boob milk, which he said would be “like wasting gold,” or turn it into an artisanal human dairy product. They chose the latter, and Angerer shared the recipe on his blog. Although he assured readers that the “mommy’s milk cheese” was not produced or sold in his restaurant, critics were quick to attack the experiment, even calling it “cannibalistic.”

Hell effing ya. Don’t let that sweet teat juice go to waste!

Below is a prime example of how you can use extra breast milk for adult purposes.

Yup, as you can see the craze is taking off.

Not everyone is enthused though, like the Village Voice.

Hey Village, how about not judging what other people eat, you freaks? Breast milk nachos don’t sound disgusting to us!

Could You Make A Grilled Cheese Out Of This?

Probably. Wash it down with some urine tomato soup and you’ve got yourself a cannibal’s delight. As always, stay safe, y’all. And keep on grinding. Let’s get that bread!

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